Perfection in imperfection


One thing I know so well

A truth I need no convincing;

I am a wretched soul

And I am not what I want to be

But am surely not what I used to be


I want to be perfect like my Lord

Yet my heart wants her wickedness

What a war I keep fighting?

What a battle in the field of my heart?

Yet it’s a struggle that my Lord has won already


It’s not up to me to fight on my own

I would never win this war alone

I am helpless until I look unto my Lord

The one who took me from the captivity of sin

He has won my soul forever and is helping me win with him


Though I strive to be perfect, I am made perfect

I am declared holy; a saint living among sinners

A sinner who is a saint by all justification

Help me behold you dear Conqueror

That I may conquer where you reign already


Hold my hand as I walk in this earth

Teaching me to be wise in these evil days

I am yours surely, help me remain so

For on my own I can do nothing

I need help even to hold your hand




Distant pain

When I shall see that new Jerusalem and dwell there for a second then I shall forget all; the toil, pain, labor and pleasures of this earth. All that shall sink in a sea of unending joy as I spend time with my Lord. I will try to remember what it is to cry, I will strive to remember what pain felt like but such will be wiped out from my memory just like sin as if it never happened. The apostles were waiting for this promise, you could torture them, kill and crucify them but that wouldn’t stop them. They had seen one from the world beyond. Seen him come, dwell among them then take a flight back home. Even if they wanted they couldn’t deny this truth, they knew what he promised and couldn’t wait to see him. What a joy when they finally reunited with their teacher, Savior and Lord. Such will be my joy when I close my eyes in death and open them in eternal life never to taste death again, forgetting the very memory of pain. So I may cry now, but what is that in front of everlasting joy, what can I trade that for? It’s simply beyond this earth and am willing to lose everything if need be in exchange to just a second in the new creation.  What a joy to know I will be there time without end.

Men at work in the harvest field

I am a man at work though you see me walk
When I talk and share with others at work
As I take a ride to work or take a stroll in the park
Look at me carefully, and you will see my work
I am a man at work in the harvest field of my Lord.
My work is not defined by my seat; I work everywhere
In my talk and lectures, all I do is seek to work
You can say I am a workaholic and oh I love it
It is my pleasure and joy, a holiday at work
What else can I do when the harvest is so plenty
Jesus has taught me the pleasure  of his work
Though many hate a Monday morning I love working
Monday or Sunday all I must do is work
Doing the work of God after my Lord
Eating the food that is doing God’s will
Join the Lord in this work, tailor or doctor
It’s work for all not pastors and teachers only
Farmers and engineers, poets and musicians
Look! What a bumper harvest there is
Come and join the Lord laboring for people
The harvest is plenty and laborers fewer
All who seek work; employed and unemployed
There’s unending work with a reward so great
Make it quick to come to the field to do the work of God
No qualification needed but to know and speak of him
The work is to know him and make him known
See him and rush to tell others about this Christ
Call them to come and see if he’s the one promised
Let them come and hear and know he’s the one
Calling people to meet their Savior is our work.

The joy of having my savior


What a joy is it to have you Lord?

To know when all falls, I can look above

In the depth of my sorrow I see joy

Beholding the one who grants me true joy

The joy of having a Savior


When I walk in darkness I see light

In sorrow I find happiness

And when I should cry I but laugh

For I know the secret behind true joy

The joy springing to eternal joy


What more joy can there be than to be forgiven

To know that the Lord counts no sin as mine

To know of a hope too amazing to comprehend

Of the Savior who died for my wretchedness

That such a vile soul becomes an everlasting saint


I could have nothing but this hope only

Yet in this I have everything more than I can tell

What a joy, how privileged am I?

How privileged are they who are called by Jesus name?

Never was there a people so lucky.


Help me Lord to remember what I have in you

To know that you are my joy and treasure

That in the darkness of the world I have found light

And in tears you have given me laughter

The outflow of unending joy in you






Introducing the stranger; the bridegroom


Children fear strangers, they cry on sight of them but we calm them down and in time they grow to love these people even more than we could imagine, And at times more than they like us.  When we present the true gospel of Jesus, we should expect resistance. At times we will fail to understand why this is the case since Jesus is so lovely and faith in him is the greatest treasure we can have. The truth is, just like a stranger before a child, the world is predisposed to reject him even though he is the very one who gave her life.  We shouldn’t be surprised when an infant rejects her mother but we should be worried if they keep rejecting her even as they grow in time and in wisdom.

We must therefore present the gospel of Jesus, telling the world about who this King is. The best way possible is not make him into somebody he’s not otherwise the child will come to know this deception in time. We are not to fashion the gospel in a way we think it would be more acceptable but rather letting Jesus speak of himself in his Word through us to the child of the world. Let him introduce himself as we reiterate his words in a language the child can understand. Carefully, faithfully and lovingly we are to present the gospel allowing people to see Jesus as the king come from the father, Lord of all and above all and as him the world owes her allegiance for their salvation or rejection resulting to eternal damnation.

However, introductions don’t last forever, once the child conceives who Jesus is, we must allow them to enjoy their time together without interruptions as if we didn’t trust him. We must be conscious that the bride belongs to the bridegroom and allow the bride enjoy her bridegroom. As friends of the bridegroom our joy is to see the wedding day become a success and not lure the bride away from her lover.

We must also be aware of the many foxes that delight in feeding on the sheep. The worst of these foxes cloth themselves by the skin of the sheep to fit in the pen. As faithful friends called to be the best men for the bridegroom we must warn the bride of such vile and wicked men assured that true sheep know their shepherd and will not heed to the voice of the thief. We can go as far as confronting these foxes ready to be wounded in the process but we must remember that we can do only too little unless we involve the bridegroom. In any case it is his marriage at stake.  Hear our cry oh Lord and safeguard your bride from the bloodthirsty craving of foxes.


Ignorance is no bliss for us



The world without knowing it is a one massive display of the unknown world. We can speak of the invisible because God has carefully painted the unknown by the ink of what we know. It makes sense why Jesus had to take a human identity otherwise in a million years we wouldn’t understand what he told the witnesses of his day by human voice. He came and talked to us about following God. What would that look like, how are we mere mortals to comprehend what it is to follow the immortal? So he took a child and told us that like such are we to become if there’s any hope for us in his kingdom. This is a language we can understand. He took the cross on his back to tell us of what was at stake for our salvation and now all men can take with them a cross going after he that carried his own to Calvary. He made a group of friends and through them shared the secrets of the kingdom unseen by the naked eye. He told them the cost they had to pay and the unequalled joy stored for them in heavenly splendour. And one after the other they faced the sting of death eager and waiting to meet the man from the world of the immortal.

What is it that we shall stand and say in the last day? What kind of ignorance will we hid beneath for all that can be known about God has been made manifest by a display of what we can see, through a language that our ears understand, by that which we can touch and feel; by God’s own voice in his Word so that the world is without excuse to behold her creator.



The man that drowned the demons

The screams from the graveyard are no more
The wailing by night is now ceased
Children play by the plains in joy
People of Gerasene sleep in heavenly peace
As demons are drowned by Jesus command
Here he comes the man who housed the legion
See his beautiful linen, now a man of honor
Hear him tell his story, listen of the broken shackles
Day and night in the caves full of demons he lived
So lonely, but now the shackles are more
The command came loud and clear
The Lord of all issued it unrelentingly
By His word demons shook in fear
Kneeling and begging for his mercy
But his mercy was for the man in chains
What would it cost to rescue such a victim?
Thousands of pigs maybe!
Who would free such a hopeless prisoner?
None on earth but one; the slayer of the serpent
And by his word authority is accomplished
It’s no wonder to see so many freed prisoners
For though we lived in shackles now we are free
Like the man of Gerasenes our joy is immeasurable
For we found he who would set us free forever
The shackles are fallen never to be prisoners again

Create in me a new heart



See this tainted soul oh Lord!

Shattered and naked within

How can I live in it any longer?

Hear my cry to you now

Create in me a new heart


What mess of a house I dwell in!

For uncleanliness is bred within

Am enslaved to this deceitful heart

Come to my rescue oh Lord

Save me from the chains of my heart


Create for me a new heart

A heart that yearns for you

A soul that seeks your joy

A complete house for your Spirit

Dispose this dirty soul from me


Give me a new passion to yearn after you

Let me find no joy in the pleasures of the world

Lay waste my youthful lust to follow you only

And let my yearning only be for you

I seek a heart obedient to you


Thank you for the promise of a new heart

Enslave this wretched heart to you now

To be a happy slave to righteousness

For the evil one seeks after me

And in you only can I find refuge