I need a time travel machine



Give me clock to go back in time

Let me sit with the people of yesterday

I want to hear what they heard

I want to understand what they understood

I need a time travel machine


I want to sit in the city of Ephesus

I want to hear the letter read again

I want to turn and chat with one beside me;

Hear what they think Paul is saying to us

Take me back in time and teach me


Hold my hand and walk with me in time

Let’s go back to Galilee, Judea and Bethlehem

Let’s watch as Mark takes his feather and ink

Let’s see what he writes of the Gospel of Jesus

Take me to Galilee to hear it all over afresh


I desire to sit and learn and so apply

I want to take the meat as fresh as it is

That even more clearly I can travel ahead;

Travel ahead to see the new Jerusalem

I want a time travel machine in the Bible


I want to see my glorious Lord in heaven

Seated in glory with everything beneath His rule

I want to see God’s plan achieved; all glory to Him

Take me by hand back and forth in time dear Lord

Wrought in my heart to behold the beauty of your Word




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