The sinking ship


I have always wondered who is worse between an atheist and a non committal Christian. The former argues that there is no God presuming that if they hold to this position then they will make Him go away. The latter can’t argue out God’s in-existence but they wouldn’t care less. If anything they are ready to walk a mile with Him as long as He brings on board the father’ Christmas gifts. But that’s as far as possible as they can go, a relationship built on trade; blessing for worship.
This “Christian” finds it absurd that the atheist argues that God doesn’t exist. They may see their pride but as far as it goes, they have more of His gifts to show than to know who their client really is. They can’t defend His existence beyond their “transaction” receipts. What’s more, if business goes bad then they may as well find new clients to trade their worship.
What these two don’t know is that they are on the same sinking ship. Simply put, Gospel writers gives us no option of fence sitting as regards following our Lord. It’s one ship or the other. Hence, the folks above maybe on different platforms but truth is they are aboard the train towards facing eternal damnation.
My advice as would be expected is a fast jump into the lifeboat to the yacht that sails to safety where no tear, no pain knows. Come to God for the gift of Himself in the new creation. Follow Him wholeheartedly.


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