The yoke on my shoulders


I carry a yoke on me
A burden I must bear
Not a choice I have
Never would I desire one
Only this yoke to carry
The load weighs heavily
On my own I cannot carry it
Yet so I go with it to and forth
And him in me helps to carry it
It is his load I must bear only
We fought against slavery
Yet of this master I must belong
I dare not be free, how can I be?
I am a bondservant forever
And I love the yoke on me.
I am a slave to righteousness
That imputed on me by my Lord
Nothing more I dare carry
This forever shall be my yoke
For the former I cannot bear
I lived for ages in my own slavery
The sin in me reigned over me
Death was mine to behold
Yet my Lord conquered my heart
And am a happy slave to righteousness

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