Advertising the kingdom


Have you seen how catchy adverts are. Our media has made it impossible for us not to take note of them. From one media to the next, on buses, trains, streets, billboards; simply everywhere you look and the product is there.
I have recently had to look out for a movie whose advertisement catches my eye every time I use the bus. It’s amazing how witty the people behind this are and surely their effort really pays. I have come to the conclusion that this is the sort of thing we need to do with our Christian evangelism. We may not go as far as putting billboards everywhere but as we are the agents or marketing masterminds behind our product then we should carry it everywhere we go(see Paul in Athens ; Acts 17:16-34). Making it impossible that people will ignore the “Salvation through Christ alone” commodity . That in all we do, in our conversations as shrewdly as we can; the subject will show up and people are left without an option but hearing the Good news.

Now whether they buy it or not is not our business. The manufacturer up there will worry about that but ours is to make sure that wherever the potential customers (people of all nations) turn, all they see is the same advert. Speaking the truth in love taking advantage of every opportunity and prayerfully and wisely inviting others to consider Jesus. If you like the “purpose” language then that is our purpose as believers.


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