Beauty of creation

What will I say to the winds beyond?
What language will I use, a word to speak?
Should I seek a hand from the light?
And a shadow from the darkness!
An image of beauty to display.
Here below as the Lord looks
Looking at the works of His hands
What a delight was in Him to see it all?
Delighting in His own artwork
As He saw the beauty of His creation
Looking at the rivers meandering
Seeing the hills go high
A bee of creation roaming around
How beautiful is it all
To the glory of the creator
Who dares steal from Him this glory?
A creation to exalt itself in His expense
Surely the artist deserves His credit
For creation speaks of the creator
And how beautiful are your works oh Lord!
Am amazed that you made all this
My mind is blown at the very thought
One sight enough is breathtaking
Indeed your works are good
And in the beauty of creation, I see you.

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