Above the clouds of wisdom

As the plane climbs on air
And the earth behind is left;
What’s known now is challenged
A wisdom beyond the norm seen
And above the clouds wisdom grows
So it’s said to be understanding up there
That beyond the cover of those clouds;
Comes both knowledge and revelation
Challenging the faith of man below
But is this to be so?
Should faith change as wisdom increases?
Will it be challenged by knowledge?
I bet a change must be expected
But faith built on a strong foundation only increases
Wisdom and knowledge strengthens her claims
Such a faith thrives with understanding
I speak of a faith embracing wisdom
A faith in whom knowledge bows
A faith founded on the rock of ages
The one above the very clouds of wisdom.
If your faith trembles in sight of wisdom;
A faith fearing testing and criticism
Then such is built on loose ground.
Come trust in the rock of all wisdom
In whom all understanding is found

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