I need a time travel machine



Give me clock to go back in time

Let me sit with the people of yesterday

I want to hear what they heard

I want to understand what they understood

I need a time travel machine


I want to sit in the city of Ephesus

I want to hear the letter read again

I want to turn and chat with one beside me;

Hear what they think Paul is saying to us

Take me back in time and teach me


Hold my hand and walk with me in time

Let’s go back to Galilee, Judea and Bethlehem

Let’s watch as Mark takes his feather and ink

Let’s see what he writes of the Gospel of Jesus

Take me to Galilee to hear it all over afresh


I desire to sit and learn and so apply

I want to take the meat as fresh as it is

That even more clearly I can travel ahead;

Travel ahead to see the new Jerusalem

I want a time travel machine in the Bible


I want to see my glorious Lord in heaven

Seated in glory with everything beneath His rule

I want to see God’s plan achieved; all glory to Him

Take me by hand back and forth in time dear Lord

Wrought in my heart to behold the beauty of your Word




The sinking ship


I have always wondered who is worse between an atheist and a non committal Christian. The former argues that there is no God presuming that if they hold to this position then they will make Him go away. The latter can’t argue out God’s in-existence but they wouldn’t care less. If anything they are ready to walk a mile with Him as long as He brings on board the father’ Christmas gifts. But that’s as far as possible as they can go, a relationship built on trade; blessing for worship.
This “Christian” finds it absurd that the atheist argues that God doesn’t exist. They may see their pride but as far as it goes, they have more of His gifts to show than to know who their client really is. They can’t defend His existence beyond their “transaction” receipts. What’s more, if business goes bad then they may as well find new clients to trade their worship.
What these two don’t know is that they are on the same sinking ship. Simply put, Gospel writers gives us no option of fence sitting as regards following our Lord. It’s one ship or the other. Hence, the folks above maybe on different platforms but truth is they are aboard the train towards facing eternal damnation.
My advice as would be expected is a fast jump into the lifeboat to the yacht that sails to safety where no tear, no pain knows. Come to God for the gift of Himself in the new creation. Follow Him wholeheartedly.


The cry of the nations

Image result for none shall harm in my holy mountain


You have heard the cry in your neighbourhood

Seen it on television and everywhere you look

It may not even have occurred to you why we cry

All you can see is the river down our cheeks

All we know is the language of our flowing tears


People echo their frustrations in all manner of ways.

Some do not even know why they cry; only it is irresistible.

What’s worse, some are getting used to this already

Who can blame them even a slave gets used to slavery!

But there here is good news


Calm down now my kindred and wash clean your cheeks.

Make merry for the bridegroom is here already.

Like a distant memory, your tears shall remain forever

For he is found one to carry the burden of humanity

One to clean our cheeks with news of great joy


Come now and see this for yourselves

See he comes with His reward in hand

Jesus Christ the Saviour of the world.

Will you receive Him as who He is.

To wash your cheeks and walk guiltless



The yoke on my shoulders


I carry a yoke on me
A burden I must bear
Not a choice I have
Never would I desire one
Only this yoke to carry
The load weighs heavily
On my own I cannot carry it
Yet so I go with it to and forth
And him in me helps to carry it
It is his load I must bear only
We fought against slavery
Yet of this master I must belong
I dare not be free, how can I be?
I am a bondservant forever
And I love the yoke on me.
I am a slave to righteousness
That imputed on me by my Lord
Nothing more I dare carry
This forever shall be my yoke
For the former I cannot bear
I lived for ages in my own slavery
The sin in me reigned over me
Death was mine to behold
Yet my Lord conquered my heart
And am a happy slave to righteousness

Advertising the kingdom


Have you seen how catchy adverts are. Our media has made it impossible for us not to take note of them. From one media to the next, on buses, trains, streets, billboards; simply everywhere you look and the product is there.
I have recently had to look out for a movie whose advertisement catches my eye every time I use the bus. It’s amazing how witty the people behind this are and surely their effort really pays. I have come to the conclusion that this is the sort of thing we need to do with our Christian evangelism. We may not go as far as putting billboards everywhere but as we are the agents or marketing masterminds behind our product then we should carry it everywhere we go(see Paul in Athens ; Acts 17:16-34). Making it impossible that people will ignore the “Salvation through Christ alone” commodity . That in all we do, in our conversations as shrewdly as we can; the subject will show up and people are left without an option but hearing the Good news.

Now whether they buy it or not is not our business. The manufacturer up there will worry about that but ours is to make sure that wherever the potential customers (people of all nations) turn, all they see is the same advert. Speaking the truth in love taking advantage of every opportunity and prayerfully and wisely inviting others to consider Jesus. If you like the “purpose” language then that is our purpose as believers.


Above the clouds of wisdom

As the plane climbs on air
And the earth behind is left;
What’s known now is challenged
A wisdom beyond the norm seen
And above the clouds wisdom grows
So it’s said to be understanding up there
That beyond the cover of those clouds;
Comes both knowledge and revelation
Challenging the faith of man below
But is this to be so?
Should faith change as wisdom increases?
Will it be challenged by knowledge?
I bet a change must be expected
But faith built on a strong foundation only increases
Wisdom and knowledge strengthens her claims
Such a faith thrives with understanding
I speak of a faith embracing wisdom
A faith in whom knowledge bows
A faith founded on the rock of ages
The one above the very clouds of wisdom.
If your faith trembles in sight of wisdom;
A faith fearing testing and criticism
Then such is built on loose ground.
Come trust in the rock of all wisdom
In whom all understanding is found

Beauty of creation

What will I say to the winds beyond?
What language will I use, a word to speak?
Should I seek a hand from the light?
And a shadow from the darkness!
An image of beauty to display.
Here below as the Lord looks
Looking at the works of His hands
What a delight was in Him to see it all?
Delighting in His own artwork
As He saw the beauty of His creation
Looking at the rivers meandering
Seeing the hills go high
A bee of creation roaming around
How beautiful is it all
To the glory of the creator
Who dares steal from Him this glory?
A creation to exalt itself in His expense
Surely the artist deserves His credit
For creation speaks of the creator
And how beautiful are your works oh Lord!
Am amazed that you made all this
My mind is blown at the very thought
One sight enough is breathtaking
Indeed your works are good
And in the beauty of creation, I see you.

My worth is in you

I worry the world will not value me
I fear I may not be liked a lot
Perhaps I will be discriminated
Who knows I may even be hated
For my worth is in you.
I shall not look outside and hate me
I dare not love myself too much either
But one thing I delight in;
Is knowing my true worth
Far above rubies, a wealth of grace
So why should I worry of the names I get?
Why should it be my concern that am loved less
Even if the whole world hated me,
Still I would rejoice and sing
For my worth is in you not out there
I will live in peace and joy.
Delighting even in persecution
Smiling when I should cry
For when I think of the cross.
There I see my worth
Hide me in your peace Lord
Guard my heart from sinfulness
Enrich me with your living Word.
Reminding me that this ain’t home
That my home is with you.