Come to the springs of living water

I hear the springs beckon
Calling the children of man
Come, come young and old
Come ye all tired and thirsty
Come drink the everlasting waters
To the weak so calls the Spring
Come dear son and be relieved
Put your burden aside and drink
Drink to your full, drink for free
Of waters unending; the living Word
To the man of sin the call is clear
Come ye wretched soul and drink
Take delight in the healing of the Word
Come and be made clean and whole
Drink of the waters never to be thirsty
Hear the call of your Lord oh man!
Hear the voice of your shepherd
Eat of the grass by the river
Quench your thirst by his waters
The water of the living Word
Why do my people starve and thirst?
So asks my Lord as the Spirit grieves
The bread is ready and the waters flowing
Come ye all faithful and take your share
Drinking from the water of the Word of God.

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