Trusting in Him by day and night


When the sting of pain bites

So excruciating even to bear

I look at the Cross and see Him

Looking at one who knows better;

And seeing Him even clearly


Who on earth better to know my twinge?

Who can say a word on utmost anguish?

None else but my Lord and Savior

The man who took all my sorrow

That forever in Him I may rejoice


Shall I remain in pain to know Him?

Is this but an aching fellowship?

I know Him the man of sorrows

And in distress I rejoice in Him

Seeing the sufficiency of His grace


But how I detest pain and agony

How this situation a man so hates

And I dare not abide in it

Yet even then I can smile in Him

Learning to look unto Him only


I shall rejoice in my Lord always

I will seek His face at all times

Learning to abide in His grace

Knowing a hope in Him unending

Trusting in Him by day and night


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