Flames of  God’s wrath quenched by love




Everytime I take a look unto the cross

Surveying the wounds on His pierced body

Hearing the anguish from His words at Calvary

Understanding He had to endure all because of me

I see the wrath of my Lord killing my Lord


What would I call such a painful endeavor

If my Lord so required such a sacrifice for me

Then I know the depth of my sins to be so great

I see the predicarment of my Lord so desperate

Yet it was me to bear God’s wrath for my sins


What will I term this, that a father would kill;

Killing His own son for the sons of men

What’s more that the son willingly, painfully dies

Dying because of my sins facing God’s wrath

So I know the penalty of my sins only to be so great


But no sin would overcome His devotion to save me

As the spear  pierced His side so my sins were overcome

Though God’s wrath was on me, His love saved me

And the fury of  God’s wrath on me quenched by His love

And now I see a man saved from his sea of sins


That a man would love another that much

Even a perfect man die for an infidel like this

What would I call this but love surpassing His rage

And so I know that I can no longer walk in sin

For love overcame wrath and I am ever indebted


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