The desire of my life

When I came to the Lord or is it when God called me to Himself, everything changed; my heart desires, my dreams and everything I hold dear. What do I want in life? To live for the Lord’s glory. What a simple answer, an easy philosophy that every decision, every relationship, every craving can be judged by this rule. But now I realize that it’s not only my life in general that needs to follow this philosophy. If I am to live for His honor then I need to start by how I live today. What I do, what I value, where I find comfort, what I cherish, in everything I do I must consider whether it is in regard to the Lord’s glory. That’s the question I must ask myself everyday. And I don’t suppose the answer always to be direct nor do I think it always to be easy yet I must labor to this end, what’s more, God will be at work making this happen. This is so because living in His worship is not primarily my goal and ambition; it is His desire, the very reason He created me. Ecclesiastes 12: 13 tells me that the whole duty of man is to fear (revere/honor) God and to keep His command (do His will) and what is His will than I may know Him, abide in Him, worship Him and make Him known and worshiped. This is my life desire.

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