The gate beyond the grave

It’s been said that death is the end of all
It so much seems so by the naked eye
A body lying helpless in a coffin
A silence that the grave only tells
Yet there is a gate beyond death
I doubt death ever was the end
It perharps may as well be a start
As I look on my slain Savior
As I survey His resurrection
So I know death won’t arrest me
The sting of death never will harm me
The desperation of the end never to be
When He was slain so my hope sprung
And I am never afraid to pass that gate
The gate beyond the grave even unto life
This I write to all who pain and live in fear
Those haunted by the sight of the grave
Seeing only the end yet such only a start
For death is but a gate and life shall be
A gate to continued life even unto eternity
I catch a breath never to lose it again
For now in this life and later I will live
Live because He lives and so I live
And so even if I die yet still I shall live
For death is but a gate to life everlasting

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