No one can fight a tune



As a Christian, a young person and one fascinated by words and tune, music means a lot to me. I realize that I may so easily forget a preaching but not so with a tune. Actually even when I hear a song in the matatu that I wouldn’t really approve of as per my Christian conviction,  hours later I can hear the music ring in my ears. There’s really no escaping from music and this by far is a ground for evangelism.
However,  it troubles me desperately on the quality of our Christian music, don’t get me wrong the beats, the tune, the dance moves are all if not at least up-to the latest standards but content  oh! oh! that’s an issue. And don’t suppose am just another hater out there. I so much value the Gospel music industry in Kenya, I have heard many songs I can sing and hum all day long agreeing with their tune, composition, dance and theology but there are some am embarrassed when I hear over the radio.
Now, overtime this is blamed on our musicians but I will not do that today as a matter fact I think they are not primarily to blame; our pastors and our theology first is.
Yes, you didn’t get me wrong, what we preach is what is echoed in our music and it’s a question of whether God’s love will be propagated across all media or we will shape the Word into our own gospel which is no gospel at best. Before you as a pastor make a claim on that pulpit,  do you think of the consequences,  do you take a look at the context,  do you spend considerable time in study and do you allow the Word to speak for itself through the mouth of the Holy Spirit and then through you?
Change our theology,  revert our focus to the true Word,  be soaked in spiritual discipline guided by the Word of God and even our music will change, our musicians will change, the audience will change and God will be honored.
To all our church leaders,  our theologians, our pastors and all preachers and musicians, poets and writers;  who are determined to say nothing more than what the Word states, may you be blessed even more and may you draw all people to the path of truth. May the tune of truth only be our music for no one can fight a tune.


2 thoughts on “No one can fight a tune

  1. Well said, need I say more! Nice beat, great vocals, but no content. Kenyan Gospel Music is losing its identity as a tool for ministering and taking more of entertainment role. Sad.

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