Who would have enough words to speak about life? Who actually dares to tell us how we should live? At times I wonder if we know even nearly enough of what the word entails. But as we do with all other subjects in life; we take our pens, grab some coffee and journey on to teaching the world about this simple but otherwise complex discipline.

It’s strange that we get the guts to teach people about living. Someone asked do dogs need a lesson on being doggy, you know how to behave in the accepted doggy code of conduct. Pun intended. Anyway, it seems important and I deem it to be so to speak,  to teach me and teach others what there is in life or at least to echo my thoughts supposing we could sojourn with care on this lost path in the woods.

I bet it’s hard to know why people do what they do, go where they go everyday, meet the people they meet in the evenings and live with those in their homes. But it’s easier to tell when we know what such people live for. What’s life in a minute to them? It may seem like an easy question or even nonsensical, I mean life is what it is, it’s life. But that is exactly where we go wrong, going on living never examining why we do.


Growing up, living meant a bit about achievement and having fun. You know, become someone and live happily ever after. I bet this remains the philosophy behind many young minds and even unfortunately many adults. Strive to become someone in life, someone respectable, without a need, lavishly living and that’s all. What a waste! Yet this seems like the philosophy to follow, the way of life acceptable for all ambitious people.

In time I have grown to know and especially as I study the Word that there is more to life than catches the eye at first glance. We come to life without our own choice and mostly leave without our consent. Thereby it only follows that our lives go beyond what we make them to be.  Much more it is what the designer has in mind when He molds His pot and if He chooses to dismantle the same, who would ask Him why He does so.

I am not about to share a big-just-discovered philosophy but to say at the least that the reason behind our living supersedes our cravings and our self created purposes. We are not here to become what people or the world points us to become but  to be what He says we be and thereby become what we should be for His glory.


So when I look at a child I don’t ask what they will become but in what way shall they honor the Lord as they grow and continue being that which God intended them to be. I am not waiting to become somebody in life so that I start living, I am living, I am achieving that which God has created me for by living daily to His glory. Hence whether I live up to my 25th birthday or up to a hundred or so at no one time will my life be wasted, I will have achieved what God intended by walking in His will; bringing glory to Him. That’s my life; it’s all about His glory.


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