Ocean of years

I see a stream before me, an ocean of time
A pool full to the very brim even overflowing
A droplet trickles in the ocean only to escape
In that ocean, a droplet seems so insignificant
And so are my years in the tide of times unending
What will I term my many years on face of eternity?
Methuselah remains but a child before a forever timing
A child only of yesterday I am, only learning to crawl?
As I reflect on life everlasting,  that ocean of years
Everything is redefined; my goals and ambitions in life
My years on earth be it fifty or a hundred stand so little
Spilling in an ocean of years ahead, my age is only negligible 
As I look at a time so vast ahead, this small life I render to Him
I give my few years as sacrifice to the rock of ages, the forever God
In readiness to the ocean of time ahead, this life is so short to indulge
Dear King of the years, the molder of my time
To you who granted me this time under the sun
Hear now my confession, and take this my offering
I give it all back to you that forever I be yours
Lead and guide me for a time without end 
Today I take a step into life everlasting,
I seek to know Him who dwells forever
I prepare to be with Him now and always
In an ocean of times, years without limit
I will dwell with Him in an ocean of years

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