Death bed conversion

death bed
I remember as a young person wondering what happens to the man who says that death bed prayer seeking salvation. Once a friend imagined that if only he would know the day of his death and by then  ask Jesus into his life, it would be a win win situation. The assumption being that he will have enjoyed the world’s pleasures and still be a candidate of heaven. Sounds like a wise move, isn’t? Truth is when one comes to the Lord they realize only how much they have been missing. The idea that you can enjoy life in the world outside of Christ is a big lie. The only thing you do is destroy yourself in the process with the illusion that you are enjoying it as the knife is driven in your meat.

The person who repeats the preacher’s words on their death bed, the one who sees the hand of God and takes hold of it will surely walk on the streets of gold. But He will not have made a perfect bet by choosing both sides of the coin, actually at that one moment they will just realize how wasted their life was. Ask Paul, when he came to the Lord, he tells us in Philippians that looking back he counts everything as a loss compared to the joy of knowing Christ. It is what I see as I look back at all those years that I lived in rebellion. I thought Christians were dummies, hopeless beings that believed in a crutch. As a matter of fact I remember seeing several teachers who were pastors and wondered what exactly was wrong with them. Going to the university and hearing fellow actuaries plus medics, engineers, architects,  economists…confessing the faith and I was even the more amazed.

But when my day came, I look behind and see only the foolishness I called my wisdom. I wish I knew Him as I know Him now only a bit earlier.  I wish I just understood His grace as I do now. I hope I had an idea of His love and justice as I do today. I hope I could tell of the joy of abiding in His vineyard, sharing the gospel and showing His love. But I am glad He didn’t wait till I climbed on my death bed to reveal Himself to me. I am glad He snatched me from fire and deceived me against the deception I lived in. I am glad He chose me before time and saved me in time. As Pascal once echoed, a man who abides in Him would lose nothing in the world we live and the world to come. Those living in the world outside of Him will have nothing to show for their lives now and will have the lake of fire as their crown of vanity living.

Do not wait for your death bed to seek His salvation, you might not even get the chance and if you do you will have missed just so much. If you hear His voice today, harden not your heart. I just hope you would know just how much there is in abiding in Him. I am sorry that my words can’t tell enough. #TODAY IS THE DAY OF SALVATION

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