I want to chain my mind





I see a ferocious war inside of me

A battle against my convictions

I seek to uphold my beliefs

I desire to honor my Savior

Yet my mind so often disappoints


What will I do this my mind to control?

I hope I could chain it on the cross

And delight only on the beauty  of salvation

But perhaps that’s just what I should do

Grab this my mind and tie it to His Word


When my mind so easily drifts away

When evil thoughts start cropping up

I hear the words of Paul ring in me;

Whatever is true, whatever is noble…

Whatever is pure, lovely…on such to think


And so as I fight along in this endless war

As I take hold of this wandering mind

I seek to be soaked more in His word

I desire to know more of Him

To enchain my thoughts on His wonders


I want to take charge of this mind

To chain it daily on the reflections of His nature

To feed it with the beautiful Word of His mouth

That whatever is right, admirable and pure…

That on such my mind will enjoy to be chained on




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