How do I reach them?



I have urgent information to share

I have truths needing disseminating

But I wonder which platform to use

Who reads these days, who cares anyway?

So I wonder how do I reach my audience


Books remain precious in our heritage

A pride of the ages now gone to the books

Yet who cares to open them today

Who among these my people reads?

My question then; how will I share my news?


I bet we have better media today

Technology and her revolution

Perhaps I can just put up a post

Yet who cares to spend time on it

So my puzzle still is how to reach them


I try putting beautiful articles on my blog

I write poems and narratives

I share widely on social media

Supposing a heart or two to preach to

Yet I know that even I am lazy to read


Are we a hopeless generation?

So much information, too few to care

How easily we could read His word

How beautifully His truth is painted

Yet reaching us remains a big maze


Perhaps this is a difficult time we live in

Harder than ever to share the Good news

Unless it’s trendy and gossipy, few care

Yet we cannot give up, we must share this

Preach and write hoping a soul to reach




2 thoughts on “How do I reach them?

  1. Though few care to read, there are those who really read!
    I am lazy to read, but I sometimes find myself reading,
    Let’s not shy away from sharing and writing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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