Nothing in me to boast

boasting not.jpg


I am grateful to God thus far

All I am and have I owe it to Him

Nothing in me I stand to boast

Only in Him my life and everything

I cannot boast only to honour Him


Many live to leave a legacy behind

A name to make for themselves

But what can I say for none is mine

What will I call mine for all is His

Nothing in me to boast


Will I boast of my precious life?

Could I boast of my salvation?

Will I glory to be called and chosen?

Am I better than any out there?

Surely nothing in me to boast


What will I do now that this I know?

In me is a craving to love and honor Him

His love greatly moves my heart

I cannot rest but live for His glory

For in me only His love I see


If I must boast then I boast of you

I boast of your love for this vile soul

I boast of your humilty to die for me

Yet I cannot boast of anything I am

Nothing in me to boast all glory to you


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