His glory prevails

I have seen something on the skies below
A wonder below the beauty of the moon
Where men plant and harvest; eat and drink;
Many seeking glory rarely find it
Yet at every instance, His glory prevails
I see many wake up early before dawn
A name, a fortune, a glory they go hunting after
Be there that seem to find it but only for a while
It seems that glory will not rest on a man
But in every tide of times, always His glory prevails
I am no exception under this rule, nay I was even worse
Arming myself with diligence, wearing a coat of ambition
As it’s always said so I believed,  the sky is never the limit
Yes, yet all is lost when mine glory only I go seeking after
I must learn now and always that His glory must prevail
It’s not in my wish to sit and proclaim,  let His will be done
That I would but importantly I take my staff and go as before
But this time not my own glory at stake but to honour Him
My ambition and diligence, wits and creativity I take with me
All in search of that which pleases Him, labouring for His glory
Teach my heart Lord to look unto you
To seek your face before all I do
To meditate before I take every step
Desiring above everything to honour you
Teach me this, to allow your glory to prevail

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