Poor mother of the world



Dear mother eve, a question for you I have

It’s in me a trouble, a thought I can’t relinquish

So I wonder, what under that tree you were doing?

Why come to such danger even draw nigh?

Poor mother of the world, if only you knew


Of all the trees a shade to take

Only the forbidden close you came

Were there no sycamore trees?

Fig trees neither the Lebanon cedars?

Poor mother if only you knew


I am troubled that so close you came

Not to the tree of life but good and evil

Now we know good, yet evil we became

Probably, I should not blame you

This deception most probably I would yield to


And so this I have learnt from you;

Since my heart so easily falls

And I know it to be my weakness

Then away from sin I must be

Run when I have to, seeking refuge in Him


Dear Lord, teach me the wisdom of Joseph

Hide in me your word to run from sin

Deliver me from this wicked heart to seek holiness

Help me to close my eyes to turn from opportunistic sin

Hide me in your counsel to draw nigh to thee


3 thoughts on “Poor mother of the world

  1. This really caught my eye “Now we know good, yet evil we became…”

    One correction; neigh- ‘a characteristic high whinnying sound made by a horse’. I think you meant ‘nigh’

    Liked by 1 person

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