Who dare stand in His way?



Who is it that dare stand at the doorway?

Who is he that stands to block the way?

If the Lord so desires a pavement to walk

If the moulder of the universe so wills

Then, who dare stand in His way?


I am a young soul that knows only too little

My quest on His nature to reflect is less informed

Yet on the power of His will I dare a thing to say

Sure I am no too much of a toddler to know;

That none by their will can thwart His will


If man was to stand on the way of the Lord

The same would be like a locust before a giant

Talk of leaf in a mighty wind; blown forth helplessly

None is worthy to stand in His way; his plans to derail

No man should dare stand in His way.


And so dear Lord hear this my desire

Not my plans I seek to run after

That by now I know to be vanity

But your glory so I seek in my life

May your will be done in this life


Teach my heart to love your statutes

Teach my mind to reflect on your Word

Let my joy be found in your fellowship

And my life spent for that which honors you

I dare not stand in you way; reign in this my life





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