I want to chain my mind





I see a ferocious war inside of me

A battle against my convictions

I seek to uphold my beliefs

I desire to honor my Savior

Yet my mind so often disappoints


What will I do this my mind to control?

I hope I could chain it on the cross

And delight only on the beauty  of salvation

But perhaps that’s just what I should do

Grab this my mind and tie it to His Word


When my mind so easily drifts away

When evil thoughts start cropping up

I hear the words of Paul ring in me;

Whatever is true, whatever is noble…

Whatever is pure, lovely…on such to think


And so as I fight along in this endless war

As I take hold of this wandering mind

I seek to be soaked more in His word

I desire to know more of Him

To enchain my thoughts on His wonders


I want to take charge of this mind

To chain it daily on the reflections of His nature

To feed it with the beautiful Word of His mouth

That whatever is right, admirable and pure…

That on such my mind will enjoy to be chained on




How do I reach them?



I have urgent information to share

I have truths needing disseminating

But I wonder which platform to use

Who reads these days, who cares anyway?

So I wonder how do I reach my audience


Books remain precious in our heritage

A pride of the ages now gone to the books

Yet who cares to open them today

Who among these my people reads?

My question then; how will I share my news?


I bet we have better media today

Technology and her revolution

Perhaps I can just put up a post

Yet who cares to spend time on it

So my puzzle still is how to reach them


I try putting beautiful articles on my blog

I write poems and narratives

I share widely on social media

Supposing a heart or two to preach to

Yet I know that even I am lazy to read


Are we a hopeless generation?

So much information, too few to care

How easily we could read His word

How beautifully His truth is painted

Yet reaching us remains a big maze


Perhaps this is a difficult time we live in

Harder than ever to share the Good news

Unless it’s trendy and gossipy, few care

Yet we cannot give up, we must share this

Preach and write hoping a soul to reach




A Love story without regrets



Falling in love can be risky even precarious

A heart is given in waiting to be embraced

Yet it may as well be ignored and hurt

Many talk of love with bitterness and rage

But I speak of a love story without regrets


I speak of a story without a second thought

Only to love and love; risk and risk again

A bridegroom that gives His all for the bride

Not only ready to die but dying for this love

Dying without guilt, loving without regrets


This is a love story of all times; none like it

None ever loved this much, none ever will

Yet though not without all manner of rejection

It is a love unending, flowing unto eternity

I speak of a love story of the all supreme lover


This lover though endowed with all wisdom,

Unlike any other lover knowing the outcome;

That at the finish line is betrayal and rejection

Yet this lover so loves without hesitation

Though aware of the risk at hand still He loves


I speak of a lover from above; the Lord of Lords

I speak of a bride loved from the very beginning

Loved to the point of death even death at the cross

And even then still loved to date, what love is this?

It’s love story without regrets of a lover still in love






Nothing in me to boast

boasting not.jpg


I am grateful to God thus far

All I am and have I owe it to Him

Nothing in me I stand to boast

Only in Him my life and everything

I cannot boast only to honour Him


Many live to leave a legacy behind

A name to make for themselves

But what can I say for none is mine

What will I call mine for all is His

Nothing in me to boast


Will I boast of my precious life?

Could I boast of my salvation?

Will I glory to be called and chosen?

Am I better than any out there?

Surely nothing in me to boast


What will I do now that this I know?

In me is a craving to love and honor Him

His love greatly moves my heart

I cannot rest but live for His glory

For in me only His love I see


If I must boast then I boast of you

I boast of your love for this vile soul

I boast of your humilty to die for me

Yet I cannot boast of anything I am

Nothing in me to boast all glory to you


Dear Lord, teach me to pray always

Dear Lord, this now is my prayer to you
I come to you so that I may come even more
Mine is a desire to abide in you always
That in your sanctuary forever I shall be
Dear Lord, teach me to pray at all times
Teach me not to wait until it’s too late
Let my eye not be closed when I see danger
Let not my knee bend only when am at loss
Nay, but at all times, in all circumstances
Teach me now and always to seek you
Forgive my lazy body that loves sleeping more
Forgive my intellect that undermines prayer life
Forgive the heart that will seek her own comfort
Forgive this me of the sin of prayerlessness
Teach now; body, soul and mind to pray always
Teach me Lord to pray not only of a want
But to pray to have you more and less of me
Teach this my soul to abide in thy presence
Help me see the joy of your fellowship
Teach me Lord to pray continually
What more would a man achieve without you?
What rather would I be doing in my quiet time?
It’s abiding in you I seek that you remain in me
As I come to you, I seek to abide with you at all times
Sovereign Lord teach me now and always to pray.

His glory prevails

I have seen something on the skies below
A wonder below the beauty of the moon
Where men plant and harvest; eat and drink;
Many seeking glory rarely find it
Yet at every instance, His glory prevails
I see many wake up early before dawn
A name, a fortune, a glory they go hunting after
Be there that seem to find it but only for a while
It seems that glory will not rest on a man
But in every tide of times, always His glory prevails
I am no exception under this rule, nay I was even worse
Arming myself with diligence, wearing a coat of ambition
As it’s always said so I believed,  the sky is never the limit
Yes, yet all is lost when mine glory only I go seeking after
I must learn now and always that His glory must prevail
It’s not in my wish to sit and proclaim,  let His will be done
That I would but importantly I take my staff and go as before
But this time not my own glory at stake but to honour Him
My ambition and diligence, wits and creativity I take with me
All in search of that which pleases Him, labouring for His glory
Teach my heart Lord to look unto you
To seek your face before all I do
To meditate before I take every step
Desiring above everything to honour you
Teach me this, to allow your glory to prevail

Poor mother of the world



Dear mother eve, a question for you I have

It’s in me a trouble, a thought I can’t relinquish

So I wonder, what under that tree you were doing?

Why come to such danger even draw nigh?

Poor mother of the world, if only you knew


Of all the trees a shade to take

Only the forbidden close you came

Were there no sycamore trees?

Fig trees neither the Lebanon cedars?

Poor mother if only you knew


I am troubled that so close you came

Not to the tree of life but good and evil

Now we know good, yet evil we became

Probably, I should not blame you

This deception most probably I would yield to


And so this I have learnt from you;

Since my heart so easily falls

And I know it to be my weakness

Then away from sin I must be

Run when I have to, seeking refuge in Him


Dear Lord, teach me the wisdom of Joseph

Hide in me your word to run from sin

Deliver me from this wicked heart to seek holiness

Help me to close my eyes to turn from opportunistic sin

Hide me in your counsel to draw nigh to thee


He found me



I set myself on a journey in this life

Went around looking for truth

All along thinking this be my journey

Here I was looking for Him

Only to know He found me


I know how it feels, more like a lone ranger

A journey for one in a world so large

Yet the truth be that truth seeks also

If you are looking for the Lord;

Know it is Him looking and has found you


The very reality that you want to know better

The very yearning to know Him is from Him

It is He who stirs the hearts of men to seek Him

The desire to fellowship streams from Him

And so we rest knowing He’s found us, always have.


Look and see the open arms of the Lord

See He who is way, truth and life

The Lord of hosts, the King of kings;

Seeks a man to reveal Himself and fellowship

It is the Lord looking  and has found you


Hear the words of the Lord oh ye man

Hear His invitation to know and be with Him

To all seeking answers be glad to know the truth

Come home and abide in Him our Lord and Savior

Rest in the Lord, He that you seek has you already




Who dare stand in His way?



Who is it that dare stand at the doorway?

Who is he that stands to block the way?

If the Lord so desires a pavement to walk

If the moulder of the universe so wills

Then, who dare stand in His way?


I am a young soul that knows only too little

My quest on His nature to reflect is less informed

Yet on the power of His will I dare a thing to say

Sure I am no too much of a toddler to know;

That none by their will can thwart His will


If man was to stand on the way of the Lord

The same would be like a locust before a giant

Talk of leaf in a mighty wind; blown forth helplessly

None is worthy to stand in His way; his plans to derail

No man should dare stand in His way.


And so dear Lord hear this my desire

Not my plans I seek to run after

That by now I know to be vanity

But your glory so I seek in my life

May your will be done in this life


Teach my heart to love your statutes

Teach my mind to reflect on your Word

Let my joy be found in your fellowship

And my life spent for that which honors you

I dare not stand in you way; reign in this my life