If this day is all I have

jim elliot


Dear Lord, I know I want to live long

My quest is a quiver full of years

To see children and grandchildren

Yet I can’t ask for more but more of you

If this day is all I have let me have You


I not only want to live for longer

But to live in You and thereby live richly

One may die young and poor like a martyr

Yet if one dies without You, then they poorly die

If this be my only day, then I seek more of you


Teach my heart to take each day as it comes

To live it like my very last day on this earth

To behold your glory and abide in your grace

To live under your shade and proclaim your name

Today be my day then in your house I must abide


I know I will live for long; many years stand before me

Yet I will take everyday as my precious last moment

To know that I have long years to witness of your faithfulness

Yet  only too few days to proclaim it to the world

Every day I seek to know you more and share your Word


This is my day, be it in agony or in merry making

This is the day the Lord freely has granted to me

I will live it like my first yet also like my very last

And now I know what matters more in life

When today is all I have, in Him only I seek to abide





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