The very king of sinners bought by grace

I see in me now the mindset of Spurgeon
My conclusion aligns that of John Newton
I can attest like Paul of Tarsus and call me;
Not a saint among God’s people, not a good fellow
But the very king of sinners bought by His grace
I look back in my past and hope I can forget
I hope I could look back no longer and so forget
For only a dark history follows me; a sinful life
Yet I delight I can remember and marvel to know;
That I was but the very king of sinners now saved by grace
It is good for me to have this mindset with me
To know like Augustine that only sin was mine
Realize that by my will I wouldn’t choose Him
Yet He choose me and caused in me to be like Him
Transforming the very king of sinners to a holy son
My gospel remains the very gospel preached before
Not a gospel of good men loved by a good holy God
But desperate evil men loved and saved through Him
Mine is a gospel of true love, a gospel of God’s grace;
The grace that bought the very king of sinners for Him
This is the gospel I must keep on preaching
As I look with pity those lost in their sins
I don’t judge them only to share with them
Share and tell them the very true gospel;
The grace allotted for all sinners even the vilest

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