The Lord of the cross is my God


the Lord of the Cross.jpg

I am one lucky man even most privileged
That I found identity in my Lord and Savior
My Lord ain’t sitted at a distance away
My Lord knows my very pain and weakness
The Lord of the cross is my Lord and God
You see unlike all other gods He knows me
He knows what it is to be in trouble and stress
He knows how wounds bleed and the pain I bear
He knows the sting of death better than all others
He is the Lord of the cross and my only God.
But above experiencing my predicarment
He has the solution of it all for He overcame all
My sovereign Lord reigns over all; up and below
Life and death, pain and joy; a rose or a cross
The Lord of the Cross; my Lord reigns over all
What will I do with this precious information?
What  now must I do with this conviction at heart?
Am I not lost of words to explain of my Lord and Savior?
Ain’t there enough nouns to pen down a description
Yet none befits my Lord; only  the Lord of the Cross
My identity follows His work on that wooden cross
I was a nobody, until I saw my inscription on His cross
Nothing I can call mine now,  not a name to call me
Only the product of pain and love;  a son through the cross
And my Lord, my one and only God is the Lord of the cross

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