At the sight of His glory

his glory


Everywhere I look I just but marvel

Seeing the beauty within and without

The sight of His creation even her glory

My knees knock as my eyes glare;

At the sight of His glory


Who would form all there is?

Who carved  the mountains in form?

Who built this my body in shape?

Who moulded the meandering?

This all; the sight of His glory


It may be called an evil world

Yet it is also a place of wonder

Go out in the night and behold the sky

Walk in the calm of the day as the wind blows

Behold and see; the sight of His glory


Look at man, such a being of wonder

See what he can make and achieve

A person created to create, like His maker

Yet another wonder of His creation

In Him behold and see the glory


But what’s even more glamorous,

That a creator would die for His creation

Be slain and killed by the work of His hands

Willingly offering His life for a mere man

At the cross I see and behold the glory of God


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