Who is that dead man?

dead to sin


Who is that who dwelt in sin?
Whom the Lord died to save
Isn’t it me, a man once dead
Yet I am no longer that man
So I wonder, who is that dead man?
The man you once knew as me
That man is dead; dead and buried
When the Lord was slain at Calvary
So that man also died in His baptism
I wonder which dead man now you see!
What’s now in me is new life
A new creation,  a new man
Saved by blood, justfied by grace
I cannot live in sin any more
For that dead man is no longer me
So who is this that who continues to sin?
Who would dare walk in that path again?
Is such a man not already dead to their sin?
Why then walk in the way shunned before?
Who is that dead man, still dead in his sin?
By consideration of the price paid at Calvary
By the acceptance of His saving grace
I can dwell in sin no longer, I simply can’t
For like Christ I pursue righteousness
And I am no longer the dead man of sin

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