What dare separate me from Him?


What is it now for me to worry?
For on me are the marks of salvation
A written code of my justification
And I am His now and forever
What dare separate me from Him?
You see now I belong to Him
Not only by creation even rebirth
I am a new creation,  a saint to Him
His work of perfection is upon me
So what dare separate me from Him?
In His foreknowledge I was chosen
Chosen not of anything from me
I am sure so for only sin is mine
Yet through His Son, I am now a son
Then, what dare separate me from Him?
I am sure to see my Lord in His glory
I am assured to reign with Him forever
I only but need to fight sin that’s within me
As His Spirit leads me to Him for His glory
And nothing dare separate me from Him
This my heart to God I give
In me to work in Your will
Make me that which You will
In your will to honour Thee
For nothing can separate me from Ye

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