I am insufficient of your knowledge



Every hour that passes and a day is gone;

Every time I look into your living Word

Every instance spent in fellowship with you

Dear Lord, it only becomes clear by day

That I am insufficient of your knowledge


I thought I knew you and hence would speak

Speak and tell the world the Lord I know

Yet everyday I only realize how little I know you

So my prayer be that I draw even closer to you

For I am insufficient of your knowledge


It is my resolution to look keenly into your Word

It is my desire to spend even more time in prayer

I pray that your Spirit may awaken the sleeping me

To seek and know, to search and find out;

That I am only starting to know you


My desire is not to exhaust of your knowledge

I doubt someday will come when I will be satisfied

No, on this subject I must keep on learning

And the more I learn of you the more I know little

Truly, I am insufficient of your knowledge


Do I not marvel at your love?

How your grace blows my mind

Your faithfulness is such I can’t explain

Your love is beyond the eye of my mind

I know I am only starting to learn of you






The Gospel

the gospel
The reason we oppose prosperity gospel is not because we do not want to prosper trust you me we do. It is because for one it is a false gospel and secondly there is just too much in the Word for pastors to reduce the Bible to a success manual in this life. I hope it were grace we were obsessed about; that we were talking more about His love for sinners, that we couldn’t stop to marvel at the achievement of the Cross. #the true gospel

If this day is all I have

jim elliot


Dear Lord, I know I want to live long

My quest is a quiver full of years

To see children and grandchildren

Yet I can’t ask for more but more of you

If this day is all I have let me have You


I not only want to live for longer

But to live in You and thereby live richly

One may die young and poor like a martyr

Yet if one dies without You, then they poorly die

If this be my only day, then I seek more of you


Teach my heart to take each day as it comes

To live it like my very last day on this earth

To behold your glory and abide in your grace

To live under your shade and proclaim your name

Today be my day then in your house I must abide


I know I will live for long; many years stand before me

Yet I will take everyday as my precious last moment

To know that I have long years to witness of your faithfulness

Yet  only too few days to proclaim it to the world

Every day I seek to know you more and share your Word


This is my day, be it in agony or in merry making

This is the day the Lord freely has granted to me

I will live it like my first yet also like my very last

And now I know what matters more in life

When today is all I have, in Him only I seek to abide





The very king of sinners bought by grace

I see in me now the mindset of Spurgeon
My conclusion aligns that of John Newton
I can attest like Paul of Tarsus and call me;
Not a saint among God’s people, not a good fellow
But the very king of sinners bought by His grace
I look back in my past and hope I can forget
I hope I could look back no longer and so forget
For only a dark history follows me; a sinful life
Yet I delight I can remember and marvel to know;
That I was but the very king of sinners now saved by grace
It is good for me to have this mindset with me
To know like Augustine that only sin was mine
Realize that by my will I wouldn’t choose Him
Yet He choose me and caused in me to be like Him
Transforming the very king of sinners to a holy son
My gospel remains the very gospel preached before
Not a gospel of good men loved by a good holy God
But desperate evil men loved and saved through Him
Mine is a gospel of true love, a gospel of God’s grace;
The grace that bought the very king of sinners for Him
This is the gospel I must keep on preaching
As I look with pity those lost in their sins
I don’t judge them only to share with them
Share and tell them the very true gospel;
The grace allotted for all sinners even the vilest

To whom much is forgiven the same loves more


“I tell you, her sins–and they are many–have been forgiven, so she has shown me much love. But a person who is forgiven little shows only little love.” Luke 7:47. Now in my few years of experience under His grace I have come across a few very passionate and loving people to God and His people. I always wondered how they came to love the Lord so much to the extent of going to greater lengths for His glory. But somehow I have come to understand them, like this woman these are people who have come to terms with God’s grace. I can almost say for sure that the extent of man’s love towards God and His people depends on how such a man has understood His grace. It is not that some people have more sins than others before God (subject to discussion) but that these have seen the gravity of their sin and are only starting to comprehend the grace of God to love such vile souls. They cannot help but love Him, they cannot help but share of His love; meditate and speak of Him all day long. I hope you may come to understand the grace of God and to know the extent of His love because if you do then no one will tell you what to do for the gospel, you will only realise how little you can do and marvel more at His grace. #His grace calls for love

The Lord of the cross is my God


the Lord of the Cross.jpg

I am one lucky man even most privileged
That I found identity in my Lord and Savior
My Lord ain’t sitted at a distance away
My Lord knows my very pain and weakness
The Lord of the cross is my Lord and God
You see unlike all other gods He knows me
He knows what it is to be in trouble and stress
He knows how wounds bleed and the pain I bear
He knows the sting of death better than all others
He is the Lord of the cross and my only God.
But above experiencing my predicarment
He has the solution of it all for He overcame all
My sovereign Lord reigns over all; up and below
Life and death, pain and joy; a rose or a cross
The Lord of the Cross; my Lord reigns over all
What will I do with this precious information?
What  now must I do with this conviction at heart?
Am I not lost of words to explain of my Lord and Savior?
Ain’t there enough nouns to pen down a description
Yet none befits my Lord; only  the Lord of the Cross
My identity follows His work on that wooden cross
I was a nobody, until I saw my inscription on His cross
Nothing I can call mine now,  not a name to call me
Only the product of pain and love;  a son through the cross
And my Lord, my one and only God is the Lord of the cross

At the sight of His glory

his glory


Everywhere I look I just but marvel

Seeing the beauty within and without

The sight of His creation even her glory

My knees knock as my eyes glare;

At the sight of His glory


Who would form all there is?

Who carved  the mountains in form?

Who built this my body in shape?

Who moulded the meandering?

This all; the sight of His glory


It may be called an evil world

Yet it is also a place of wonder

Go out in the night and behold the sky

Walk in the calm of the day as the wind blows

Behold and see; the sight of His glory


Look at man, such a being of wonder

See what he can make and achieve

A person created to create, like His maker

Yet another wonder of His creation

In Him behold and see the glory


But what’s even more glamorous,

That a creator would die for His creation

Be slain and killed by the work of His hands

Willingly offering His life for a mere man

At the cross I see and behold the glory of God


The authority of scripture


It is good to seek the will of God, actually the very desire to do His will is prompted from His end, it is His Spirit stirring us from within to seek Him. Problem is where we look, who we listen from, how we magnify dreams and visions.Yet it is only in scripture through the son that we can see the mind of God. We may hear the voice from many avenues, people and events yet everything has to be judged through scripture for in these last days God has spoken to us through His son (Hebrews 1:2). In the words of Ronald Reagan; trust but verify, and only in the Word can you be sure for all scripture is God breathed (2 Tim 3:16).‪#‎Berean‬

Let’s face it.

The reason why many people would like to know the exact date and time of Jesus’ return is not driven by a yearning to see Him. Nay, mostly and I stand to be corrected, it is motivated by a mentality that all I need is to be right with Him just before He lands and I will be good for life everlasting. At least that was a thought I once shared (by then I knew nothing of assurance or unconditional election) but now I know better. I know that there is more to salvation than a ticket to the mansions above. It is a new life that begins here on earth and the true paradise is not walked on streets of gold but in the closet of fellowship with God. A heaven mentality without God is an earthly extrapolation of luxury and simply not the heaven that we await as believers. So will there be streets of gold? The Word says so, yet more than that will be the abiding presence of the Lord and at the sight of His glory, my knees wouldn’t help but shake to bow and adore my Savior. Oh! like Paul, I am eager for that day, eager finally to be home.

What dare separate me from Him?


What is it now for me to worry?
For on me are the marks of salvation
A written code of my justification
And I am His now and forever
What dare separate me from Him?
You see now I belong to Him
Not only by creation even rebirth
I am a new creation,  a saint to Him
His work of perfection is upon me
So what dare separate me from Him?
In His foreknowledge I was chosen
Chosen not of anything from me
I am sure so for only sin is mine
Yet through His Son, I am now a son
Then, what dare separate me from Him?
I am sure to see my Lord in His glory
I am assured to reign with Him forever
I only but need to fight sin that’s within me
As His Spirit leads me to Him for His glory
And nothing dare separate me from Him
This my heart to God I give
In me to work in Your will
Make me that which You will
In your will to honour Thee
For nothing can separate me from Ye