Let’s talk holiness



There was a man in the land of Uz whose name was Job; and that man was blameless, upright, fearing God and turning away from evil (Job 1:1). Now, first time I read that I was like, you mean to say Job didn’t have no sin? Not even a small small sin? I know I am not alone in this, yet if God says he was blameless then you know he was that by all sense of the word. Job is the perfect image of the man later to come who like  Job was blameless and without sin, the man Jesus Christ. I bet the reason we have difficulty with holiness is because it’s not ingrained in our DNA. In humanly thinking, no one can be holy, at least if they are human and that is true to some extent. Only God is holy and those He makes to be holy. Yes, those He says are holy , they are holy. Thereby, all that have been washed by the blood of His lamb, those who have been justified by grace are right to be called holy, even saints. Saints not out of their deeds but out of what He has done. So am I holy? Yes, believe you me I am. Am I a sinner? Yes, probably even more than I think. I am a saint not out of anything of me but because of He who dwells in me and by the justification through His grace. And let no one call unholy that which God calls holy. Oh what a mysterious God! His ways and deeds are beyond anything we can think of. How lucky that He could save me and ascribe holiness to this wretched soul. #reflecting on Holiness


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