What is love?

true love


Friends I seek to know, what is love?

I seek to know and understand better

And so now I wonder; what is love?

Who out there will hear my query?

Talk to me and tell me, what is love?


I doubt I have a word to pen on this noun

A description to give and draw her image

How can I define it, what is love?

What poem will I write to just but say it?

Who will I consult and know; what is love?


But then perhaps not words are needed

Maybe I don’t need to draw a picture of it

After all, a poem may not be necessary?

Perhaps only a heart or two I need

If just to know and tell what is love


But how do I tell what I know not?

How on earth will I see and tell?

With all the selfishness and deception here

How can I know, how will I understand?

Down here I doubt would know what is love.


But this is love; not that we loved God;

But that He loved us and sent His son to die

To die for a people undeserving of love

Yet if only to show and tell what is love

And so I know; in Him I see and know to love




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