Is heaven for real?

heaven for real


I am starting to wonder how easily we are losing the dream of a heaven. I don’t know which is worse between the Thessalonians that were perhaps more eager for it or our generation that seems to ignore and let go this dream. Neither is better but when I look at our times, I feel I would rather deal with the former. Probably, times have changed but if we believe anything about God and Christ’s words then we know we cannot help but steal a glimpse of that land to come.Now, does our culture with revolution and industrialization throw away this topic only to the ancient philosophy ? I believe not.  As a matter of fact I am starting to think we need to survey this topic even more seriously, not out of desperation of what mother earth can’t offer (though that’s something to ponder on) but certainly because our hearts yearn to be at home someday. So is heaven for real? I would say if I didn’t believe in that then there is probably too much I don’t believe about the Bible and that I certainly don’t take the authority of Christ words seriously.


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