What would I withhold from you?

all yours
My mind is made up and my heart follows
My gaze only is on that Cross of Calvary
There where I was birthed in grace and love;
To be called the son of the most high God
What would I withhold from Him?
If He could not save His son for me
If His holy anger struck Him for me
If for this wretched person He died
Then all I am and have I give to thee
For what would I withhold from ye?
But would I give anything to you?
What a joke to imagine I am that able?
I can only return that which is yours
For I and all I have or will have is but thine
Nothing I would withhold from you.
Take this unworthy sacrifice of mine
For your sacrifice overwhelms me
I am all yours as I was already thine
You who formed me in my mother’s womb
What would I withhold from thee?
So help me to remain thine
Hold my hand and never let go
Let your word remain in me
And may your Spirit lead me
That nothing to thee dear God I withhold

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