Saul of Tarsus; what did you see?


Dear Saul, this allow me to ask, only a bit
For in my mind this nagging thought rings
I must but know for I cannot understand;
How a persecutor so soon becomes the victim
Saul of Tarsus; what did you see on that road?
Walking down that Damascus pathway
With authority and focus all ahead;
A man burning with the zeal for Judaism
Yet only to change and be a Christian victim
What could have happened to you Saul?
But this I can understand; you must have met Him
For none ever met the Lord only to remain the same
Talk of Saul of Tarsus, a man changed of God
And this I know, this I have experienced
And so I know, what thou saw it was the Lord of lords
What can change a man within a day?
What can transform a soul within hours?
Only an experience, an encounter with Him
But above all, a lifetime is changed through faith
Like Saul, so my name has changed from Saul to Paul
Since I met Him on my Damascus pathway
As I went along tormenting this body in sin
Persecuting the church within out of my selfish desire
Only to see a light from the cross and embrace His love
And like Saul my name is changed to become His son

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