Dear world; I am not your son.

not of the world

I know you must hate me
What’s more, I would expect worse
And if for a moment you did love me
Then sure I would and need worry
For dear world; I am not your son.
Why would you love such a stubborn soul?
When all you have screamed to me I ignore.
When all your dreams and cravings I forsake
Surely I am a disappointment and yes I know
For simply I am not your son dear world.
I not only detest your ways and gods
I stand against all your altars and priests
Even your worshippers,  I stand to sway away
Yes, I stand on the doorstep to steal your sons
For simply I ain’t you son and neither are they
You probably will punish me for outsmarting you
For calling my kindred from your religion and ways
For screaming on the streets against your evils
And defaming your rather crafty philosophy about life
But dear world what do you expect from a son not you own?
I am not your son you see, you only think so in your mind
In reality and truth,  I am a son from beyond your corners
A son created, saved and purchased by the most High God.
To call my fellow brothers,  to beckon them to see beyond your wits
And know that they just like me are not your sons; we never were.

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