Be of great cheer, Simon of Cyrene

Simon of Cyrene

Oh dear Simon, of all that gathered there to look,
Among them that witnessed my Savior beaten
None other they chose a hand to lend on the cross
But you Simon of Cyrene, you must have wondered;
Why me of all, a foreigner yet the cross to bear for Him?
If the Lord could bear His cross no more, why should you?
Of all His brothers, disciples and followers; none else to help
Only you poor Simon, only on you the bet fell for the cross
But be glad, be of good cheer that this great privilege was yours
That it was you first of all followers, His cross to bear and follow
Be of great cheer Simon, be glad ye that is carrying the cross
Wonder and murmur not why the Lord has to put this on you
Be glad and joyous for He is teaching you the way of fellowship
Fellowship not only in songs and praises, even in pain and death
Be of great cheer you who bear the cross; you are a true follower
Be of great cheer you who is persecuted for the sake of Him
Rejoice and be glad even when circumstances say not so
With this truth in mind, He has the best interest in mind
That this struggle is only for a time; and joy comes in the morn
Be of great cheer and bear your cross daily following our Lord

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