Let’s talk holiness



There was a man in the land of Uz whose name was Job; and that man was blameless, upright, fearing God and turning away from evil (Job 1:1). Now, first time I read that I was like, you mean to say Job didn’t have no sin? Not even a small small sin? I know I am not alone in this, yet if God says he was blameless then you know he was that by all sense of the word. Job is the perfect image of the man later to come who like  Job was blameless and without sin, the man Jesus Christ. I bet the reason we have difficulty with holiness is because it’s not ingrained in our DNA. In humanly thinking, no one can be holy, at least if they are human and that is true to some extent. Only God is holy and those He makes to be holy. Yes, those He says are holy , they are holy. Thereby, all that have been washed by the blood of His lamb, those who have been justified by grace are right to be called holy, even saints. Saints not out of their deeds but out of what He has done. So am I holy? Yes, believe you me I am. Am I a sinner? Yes, probably even more than I think. I am a saint not out of anything of me but because of He who dwells in me and by the justification through His grace. And let no one call unholy that which God calls holy. Oh what a mysterious God! His ways and deeds are beyond anything we can think of. How lucky that He could save me and ascribe holiness to this wretched soul. #reflecting on Holiness


Is heaven for real?

heaven for real


I am starting to wonder how easily we are losing the dream of a heaven. I don’t know which is worse between the Thessalonians that were perhaps more eager for it or our generation that seems to ignore and let go this dream. Neither is better but when I look at our times, I feel I would rather deal with the former. Probably, times have changed but if we believe anything about God and Christ’s words then we know we cannot help but steal a glimpse of that land to come.Now, does our culture with revolution and industrialization throw away this topic only to the ancient philosophy ? I believe not.  As a matter of fact I am starting to think we need to survey this topic even more seriously, not out of desperation of what mother earth can’t offer (though that’s something to ponder on) but certainly because our hearts yearn to be at home someday. So is heaven for real? I would say if I didn’t believe in that then there is probably too much I don’t believe about the Bible and that I certainly don’t take the authority of Christ words seriously.


What is love?

true love


Friends I seek to know, what is love?

I seek to know and understand better

And so now I wonder; what is love?

Who out there will hear my query?

Talk to me and tell me, what is love?


I doubt I have a word to pen on this noun

A description to give and draw her image

How can I define it, what is love?

What poem will I write to just but say it?

Who will I consult and know; what is love?


But then perhaps not words are needed

Maybe I don’t need to draw a picture of it

After all, a poem may not be necessary?

Perhaps only a heart or two I need

If just to know and tell what is love


But how do I tell what I know not?

How on earth will I see and tell?

With all the selfishness and deception here

How can I know, how will I understand?

Down here I doubt would know what is love.


But this is love; not that we loved God;

But that He loved us and sent His son to die

To die for a people undeserving of love

Yet if only to show and tell what is love

And so I know; in Him I see and know to love




The troubles of my age and day.


Dear God, as your son in this generation hear me
Hear my cry on my troubles in this day and age
Unlike my fathers, my temptations have a new dimension
Not that I am tempted beyond them, no only differently
And so dear God hearken to my prayer of our times.
You see in this time and age I am most privileged
I have the easiest access to your Word than all others
I can easily look into the Biblical truths in my comfort
I have the best platform to listen and seek your fellowship
But dear Lord, my time and day is needful of more prayers
When my fathers rise on that judgement day and hear me
See of my privileges yet not a change of heart, what will I say?
Hear how technology has made access to your Word so easy
Yet understand my struggles in commitment to your devotion
Even they must wonder, this soul needs just but more prayers
My challenge in this age is not to get a copy of the Word
No, it’s a question of which version will I read and quote from
It is not how to gather for fellowship it is which platform is easier
In this day and age my privileges to seeking your will overflows
The only problem is I must be lazier;  I feel I need more prayers
But is it laziness really, how many hours do I spend on social media?
How long am I reading through posts that just say nothing at all
How many times have ignored good books yet claim of lack of time
How often do I go through Facebook timelines yet open not a chapter
Dear Lord, in my age and day, I can only seek more of you

Dear world; I am not your son.

not of the world

I know you must hate me
What’s more, I would expect worse
And if for a moment you did love me
Then sure I would and need worry
For dear world; I am not your son.
Why would you love such a stubborn soul?
When all you have screamed to me I ignore.
When all your dreams and cravings I forsake
Surely I am a disappointment and yes I know
For simply I am not your son dear world.
I not only detest your ways and gods
I stand against all your altars and priests
Even your worshippers,  I stand to sway away
Yes, I stand on the doorstep to steal your sons
For simply I ain’t you son and neither are they
You probably will punish me for outsmarting you
For calling my kindred from your religion and ways
For screaming on the streets against your evils
And defaming your rather crafty philosophy about life
But dear world what do you expect from a son not you own?
I am not your son you see, you only think so in your mind
In reality and truth,  I am a son from beyond your corners
A son created, saved and purchased by the most High God.
To call my fellow brothers,  to beckon them to see beyond your wits
And know that they just like me are not your sons; we never were.

What would I withhold from you?

all yours
My mind is made up and my heart follows
My gaze only is on that Cross of Calvary
There where I was birthed in grace and love;
To be called the son of the most high God
What would I withhold from Him?
If He could not save His son for me
If His holy anger struck Him for me
If for this wretched person He died
Then all I am and have I give to thee
For what would I withhold from ye?
But would I give anything to you?
What a joke to imagine I am that able?
I can only return that which is yours
For I and all I have or will have is but thine
Nothing I would withhold from you.
Take this unworthy sacrifice of mine
For your sacrifice overwhelms me
I am all yours as I was already thine
You who formed me in my mother’s womb
What would I withhold from thee?
So help me to remain thine
Hold my hand and never let go
Let your word remain in me
And may your Spirit lead me
That nothing to thee dear God I withhold

Saul of Tarsus; what did you see?


Dear Saul, this allow me to ask, only a bit
For in my mind this nagging thought rings
I must but know for I cannot understand;
How a persecutor so soon becomes the victim
Saul of Tarsus; what did you see on that road?
Walking down that Damascus pathway
With authority and focus all ahead;
A man burning with the zeal for Judaism
Yet only to change and be a Christian victim
What could have happened to you Saul?
But this I can understand; you must have met Him
For none ever met the Lord only to remain the same
Talk of Saul of Tarsus, a man changed of God
And this I know, this I have experienced
And so I know, what thou saw it was the Lord of lords
What can change a man within a day?
What can transform a soul within hours?
Only an experience, an encounter with Him
But above all, a lifetime is changed through faith
Like Saul, so my name has changed from Saul to Paul
Since I met Him on my Damascus pathway
As I went along tormenting this body in sin
Persecuting the church within out of my selfish desire
Only to see a light from the cross and embrace His love
And like Saul my name is changed to become His son

Be of great cheer, Simon of Cyrene

Simon of Cyrene

Oh dear Simon, of all that gathered there to look,
Among them that witnessed my Savior beaten
None other they chose a hand to lend on the cross
But you Simon of Cyrene, you must have wondered;
Why me of all, a foreigner yet the cross to bear for Him?
If the Lord could bear His cross no more, why should you?
Of all His brothers, disciples and followers; none else to help
Only you poor Simon, only on you the bet fell for the cross
But be glad, be of good cheer that this great privilege was yours
That it was you first of all followers, His cross to bear and follow
Be of great cheer Simon, be glad ye that is carrying the cross
Wonder and murmur not why the Lord has to put this on you
Be glad and joyous for He is teaching you the way of fellowship
Fellowship not only in songs and praises, even in pain and death
Be of great cheer you who bear the cross; you are a true follower
Be of great cheer you who is persecuted for the sake of Him
Rejoice and be glad even when circumstances say not so
With this truth in mind, He has the best interest in mind
That this struggle is only for a time; and joy comes in the morn
Be of great cheer and bear your cross daily following our Lord