This place simply ain’t home


I would like to clarify that it is not that I like to always sound sadistic and pessimistic as regards this place we call home. I do know of the climate surrounding matters of death, pain and suffering and I know it’s not an air people want to breath.Yet for the sake of truth, for the reason of the reality that must befall us some day, I choose we face our fears before it’s too late.

Now, when you visit a hospital environment you do find yourself exposed to a rather real environment outside of the popular comfortable cage of our postmodern society. You find yourself surrounded with people who ain’t intoxicated with the crave of fun of our youthful times. You see life as it is, not from the views of celebrities on social media or as adverts want to teach us but the ugly real truth. The truth of our weakness; the truth of the temporality of life on earth, the reality of how our wretchedness ruins us and others, a real face of fallen men.

You see, we must remain positive, I get that but the reality of life ain’t always a summer at garden flowers. Nay, most times it is pain at night, anguish by day, frustration by sunrise, hopelessness by season and vanity of life by definition.This all until we meet Him who gives hope and tells us why all this must happen.Well, we may not always get it but that’s the place of faith.

Look  carefully at those photos we like sharing everywhere, delighting in memorable moments because even though we don’t say it, our times are never certain. So here is true optimism in life; not delighting in imaginary or wishful thinking about tomorrow but accepting circumstances as they be and holding the arm of Him who knows the time, even He that is not limited by the clock, our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

I know who I have believed, I know what He has promised me and no matter how my life turns out down here, I will trust in Him, I will seek His will and delight in His glory. Yes, because I know whether my life does count for what men value down here or not, my Lord values me above all other things and His promises are true. The Christian must learn to cling to Him even when all seems to say contrary and know this truth, that this place simply ain’t home. We must learn to rejoice in Him, to delight in the free offer of life, good health, peace of mind and such earthly blessings but always remember as He constantly seems to remind us that our home is in a better place.


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