Desperate love


Perhaps one of the most dramatic love stories is not to be found among Shakespeare’s narrations rather we have it in the Bible. The story of a God who falls in love (not the best phrase to use) with a nation only to be rejected time and again. You see God as a perfect gentleman can walk away when love goes sour but then His mercies will not let Him. You can imagine the situation of a child walking into a trap, you want them to exercise their freedom of choice but then you must exercise your obligation of care. What a fix!

So she says not to your proposal of love, but as God you know you are all she have for life, all other ground is sinking sand, what do you do? Well, He is God, He should know better but then as regards the matters of the heart, a cost will always have to be paid even with God. Thereby, even an all powerful God has to take a risk of loving knowing so well rejection is almost inevitable, but can He deny His self? He surely must love, it pains Him that we reject His offer of love not only because as a gentleman He hurts within but much more our consequence is pain and death. Well, falling in love has never been easy.

Probably for us though the circumstances are different as once rejected we hope our lover might always find a better lover but for the case of God, once He is rejected, there is no other Mr. Right out there only a thief of love, a destroyer of hearts and killer of souls. What a tragedy but what can be done, you cannot force love.  And hence the story of salvation is a reality of both joy and pain, a case of hope to the hopeless and hopelessness to the hopeless. There is no other way to God’s marriage but accepting Christ as the only bridegroom of love, and no one who rejects God’s love on earth can abide in His home for an eternity. Hell must exist as heaven prevails.

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