I want to dream


Give me a light in the dark of the night
Let me see the wonderful glare of the moon
Under that glorious sky so my dreams come
Ignite the spark, tune the lullaby on, am ready
Ready, for now I want to dream
I want to close my eyes and look beyond
Focus far beyond the chains of my imagination
See the future as I remember the past
See where I am coming from and where I must go
I want to dream and see tomorrow from yesterday.
Why do the nights pass so quickly?
Damaging the sweet dreams of beautiful nights
This my dream though will outlive the night
Probably am a day dreamer, living in my stupor
But I must live on,  I must keep dreaming
It’s my one gift from God to hold onto this hope and dream
Dream of a better tomorrow,  dream of a peaceful land
Dream of abundant love, dream of healthier ties
To see beyond the horizon and see a land of hope
To dream and behold hope, yes again I want to dream
This my dream is special you see
For it ain’t just a dream, nay of this am assured
He has made me sure by His Word and I believe it
I don’t dream of a heaven, I await one that is coming
I want to dream of the day I see that new Jerusalem

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