What were you looking for Zacchaeus?



Climbing on that sycamore tree in haste

As the crowd gathered to follow Him

Up in a distance as there Jesus came

So I wonder, I seek to understand

What were you looking for  Zacchaeus?


Did you desire to see a prince or a miracle worker?

What questions did thou have; what ran in mind?

Probably you only sought to see what you heard?

Only now you He sought; to dine and be with

Atop that fig tree did you know He would notice you?


Even now He seeks; up the tree, down on the ground

For a heart that desires to find Him; He is closer

And as we labor for answers so He calls us to Himself

He knocks at the door for a heart that yearns

A Zacchaeus He seeks, to dine and abide with





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