If you love God, do love people



Is it possible to love God only?

Be in love with Him and not love people?

Yes, perhaps it is but only in ones mind

If you love Him and hear His Word

If you love God, you must love people


When God calls us to His love,

To abide and fellowship with Him,

We come to Him and He sends us to people

To love and to cherish God then to love others

To delight in His presence, calls us to love people


The gospel of truth is a gospel of love;

A God who loves us so much and calls us to love

To love Him above all and love others like us

It is the gospel of the cross of our Lord and Savior

To love God we must love His people


Now is this easy; to love and care for others?

To care for ungrateful souls, to love unlovable hearts?

Nay, it isn’t yet we must, just like He has loved us

And through His Spirit we can, by His grace we will;

To love Him with all our hearts and love His people


If you want to love God, try loving people

If you wish to share His Word; first love people

If you desire to do His will, go love people

Oh ye dear children, love one another

If you love God, so love others




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