Here comes, the bridegroom of the church


Here he comes with a multitude of angels
He who breaks through the clouds in might,
Thunder and trumpets ring His music,
And the whole of creation serenades His coming
Here He comes, the bridegroom of the church
Where did these wounds thou get my Lord?
From whence did you get these scars dear Lord?
But yes I know, it was me to bear such
It was I deservedly to take the holy wrath
But here comes the groom, He that paid it all
Take me Lord away from this world
Let me abide forever with thee
In the house that ye have prepared for me
With them that went ahead of me
I can see the light, here I see Him come
Here He comes and will tarry no longer
In time, in His opportune time; He comes
Help me to live like a traveller ready to go
With my staff at hand and sandals on feet
Ready, as a bride waiting for her bridegroom

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