The cry of the nations


The mother of the nations is calling
Calling for someone to hear the cry of her children
In groans of self pity; desperate for mercy
Like a wounded lioness, so she calls
Who will hear the cry of the nations?
See how her children are wasting away
Time ain’t a resource she can pride on
Her misery is imminent,  someone has to hear
Someone must hear the devastation of the nations
Someone needs answer the call of the nations
But who will go and tell her the Good News?
Who among the sons of mother earth?
Only he who sees the tears of their kindred
Even all that are called by His name
Called to go to the nations to speak of the Lord’s salvation
How long my brother,  how long my sister?
Until whence will her tears not touch thy heart?
For how long will you fight His call; now we must go
Now than ever the ends of the world are calling
And you and I must go and tender her crying soul
Enough with remaining at the stronghold,
We must depart from Jerusalem and go
Beyond the borders of our comfort, we go
To those far and beyond, closer and near
To all, to the very ends of the nations we must go

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