He hears and responds

When we look through the book of Job we see a man in need of audience with God. Job considers himself not guilty to bear all he is going through and like you and I he seeks to know why suffer that much. I bet you have been there, well not like Job but you have had your moments of desperation, unanswered questions, probably even doubts about God.
Oh! how sometimes I have wished I could speak to God face to face, guess we would have one kind of conversation. But wait, we do that, many times actually; yeah in prayer. You see the problem with us is we think we have to see the person on the other side of the conversation, but He is always there. He listens and responds, and in this age God has spoken to us through His son.
He speaks so loudly yet so tenderly that no pain can hinder His voice. In whatever trouble, pain, regrettable state… you may find yourself in, look at Him in the eye of His son and speak to Him. But most importantly; listen, hear Him out before you rush to desperate conclusions. God speaks, He listens and is nearer than you may think.
@celebrating His fellowship

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