This place simply ain’t home


I would like to clarify that it is not that I like to always sound sadistic and pessimistic as regards this place we call home. I do know of the climate surrounding matters of death, pain and suffering and I know it’s not an air people want to breath.Yet for the sake of truth, for the reason of the reality that must befall us some day, I choose we face our fears before it’s too late.

Now, when you visit a hospital environment you do find yourself exposed to a rather real environment outside of the popular comfortable cage of our postmodern society. You find yourself surrounded with people who ain’t intoxicated with the crave of fun of our youthful times. You see life as it is, not from the views of celebrities on social media or as adverts want to teach us but the ugly real truth. The truth of our weakness; the truth of the temporality of life on earth, the reality of how our wretchedness ruins us and others, a real face of fallen men.

You see, we must remain positive, I get that but the reality of life ain’t always a summer at garden flowers. Nay, most times it is pain at night, anguish by day, frustration by sunrise, hopelessness by season and vanity of life by definition.This all until we meet Him who gives hope and tells us why all this must happen.Well, we may not always get it but that’s the place of faith.

Look  carefully at those photos we like sharing everywhere, delighting in memorable moments because even though we don’t say it, our times are never certain. So here is true optimism in life; not delighting in imaginary or wishful thinking about tomorrow but accepting circumstances as they be and holding the arm of Him who knows the time, even He that is not limited by the clock, our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

I know who I have believed, I know what He has promised me and no matter how my life turns out down here, I will trust in Him, I will seek His will and delight in His glory. Yes, because I know whether my life does count for what men value down here or not, my Lord values me above all other things and His promises are true. The Christian must learn to cling to Him even when all seems to say contrary and know this truth, that this place simply ain’t home. We must learn to rejoice in Him, to delight in the free offer of life, good health, peace of mind and such earthly blessings but always remember as He constantly seems to remind us that our home is in a better place.


Desperate love


Perhaps one of the most dramatic love stories is not to be found among Shakespeare’s narrations rather we have it in the Bible. The story of a God who falls in love (not the best phrase to use) with a nation only to be rejected time and again. You see God as a perfect gentleman can walk away when love goes sour but then His mercies will not let Him. You can imagine the situation of a child walking into a trap, you want them to exercise their freedom of choice but then you must exercise your obligation of care. What a fix!

So she says not to your proposal of love, but as God you know you are all she have for life, all other ground is sinking sand, what do you do? Well, He is God, He should know better but then as regards the matters of the heart, a cost will always have to be paid even with God. Thereby, even an all powerful God has to take a risk of loving knowing so well rejection is almost inevitable, but can He deny His self? He surely must love, it pains Him that we reject His offer of love not only because as a gentleman He hurts within but much more our consequence is pain and death. Well, falling in love has never been easy.

Probably for us though the circumstances are different as once rejected we hope our lover might always find a better lover but for the case of God, once He is rejected, there is no other Mr. Right out there only a thief of love, a destroyer of hearts and killer of souls. What a tragedy but what can be done, you cannot force love.  And hence the story of salvation is a reality of both joy and pain, a case of hope to the hopeless and hopelessness to the hopeless. There is no other way to God’s marriage but accepting Christ as the only bridegroom of love, and no one who rejects God’s love on earth can abide in His home for an eternity. Hell must exist as heaven prevails.

The Lord who acts beforehand.


But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8). Probably what is amazing about Easter to me is the reality that the sacrifice of the cross was made for a people unaware of their need. The Lord was out reconciling us to Himself and we didn’t even have a clue. It gets me thinking of the many times I am troubled by my cares and worries, those times I feel like I am all alone, like He doesn’t care or somehow ain’t interested by my situations only to realize that He is already or has already dealt with my needs. What a caring Father He is! And today He is alive, Jesus Christ cannot be numbered among the dead, nay, He is alive. He is alive to give me hope of hope above all hopelessness, He is alive to assure me of a life beyond death, He is alive to hear my cries and troubles and handle them for me. Even much He calls out for all that are ailing, all that feel wretched, all that are hopeless; the man of sorrows calls in the day of agony and in Him restores hope. What is your trouble, what is your need, the Lord assures us of His caring nature and only seeks our trust in Him to prevail. You may not always understand why you have to go through what it is you are facing, at times even understanding the reason will not soothe your predicament but you can rest on this assurance; even before you found yourself there, God saw it happen and is with you all through. He is a God who acts beforehand and holds our arm through it all.

Poor sleepy me


Do not count this sin on me dear Lord
Though of it I am guilty by all legality
The sin of my sleepy eyes, my folded arms
Indeed am guilty,  too guilty even to speak
I am ashamed of the poor sleepy me
Woe to the whims of warm nights
That cheats your son to remain in bed
Woe to the comfort of my blankets
That the hour of prayer I hearken not
Poor sleepy me, I need you Lord in this
Indeed nothing I desire more, nothing I hope
But your fellowship early in the morn in prayer
But the weak me that I am; falling for sleep instead
I do not ask for no sleep for you are indeed the giver
But Lord help this poor me not to worship my blankets.
Behold the morn is coming and as always I have plans
To awake before the cock and enjoy our time together
But how many times have I planned this in futility
Dear Lord,  for this one morn, now and always so I pray
Help the poor me to defeat sleep and seek thee in the morning.

I know I am saved



As I look on this my Savior

Bleeding and dying

Beholding of those wounds

Looking at those chains

I know those were mine


It was me to bleed and die

To live in futility

And die in emptiness

But my wrath He took

And my wounds he bled


Why wouldn’t I love Him?

Why would I not accept Him?

Taking my cross and following Him

He that took my punishment and died

Died that I may have life in abundance


Teach my eyes to look at that cross

Teach my soul to perceive your love

Let my heart rejoice in your salvation

As my mind reflects on your mercies

As I behold the Cross and know I am saved


I want to dream


Give me a light in the dark of the night
Let me see the wonderful glare of the moon
Under that glorious sky so my dreams come
Ignite the spark, tune the lullaby on, am ready
Ready, for now I want to dream
I want to close my eyes and look beyond
Focus far beyond the chains of my imagination
See the future as I remember the past
See where I am coming from and where I must go
I want to dream and see tomorrow from yesterday.
Why do the nights pass so quickly?
Damaging the sweet dreams of beautiful nights
This my dream though will outlive the night
Probably am a day dreamer, living in my stupor
But I must live on,  I must keep dreaming
It’s my one gift from God to hold onto this hope and dream
Dream of a better tomorrow,  dream of a peaceful land
Dream of abundant love, dream of healthier ties
To see beyond the horizon and see a land of hope
To dream and behold hope, yes again I want to dream
This my dream is special you see
For it ain’t just a dream, nay of this am assured
He has made me sure by His Word and I believe it
I don’t dream of a heaven, I await one that is coming
I want to dream of the day I see that new Jerusalem

What were you looking for Zacchaeus?



Climbing on that sycamore tree in haste

As the crowd gathered to follow Him

Up in a distance as there Jesus came

So I wonder, I seek to understand

What were you looking for  Zacchaeus?


Did you desire to see a prince or a miracle worker?

What questions did thou have; what ran in mind?

Probably you only sought to see what you heard?

Only now you He sought; to dine and be with

Atop that fig tree did you know He would notice you?


Even now He seeks; up the tree, down on the ground

For a heart that desires to find Him; He is closer

And as we labor for answers so He calls us to Himself

He knocks at the door for a heart that yearns

A Zacchaeus He seeks, to dine and abide with





If you love God, do love people



Is it possible to love God only?

Be in love with Him and not love people?

Yes, perhaps it is but only in ones mind

If you love Him and hear His Word

If you love God, you must love people


When God calls us to His love,

To abide and fellowship with Him,

We come to Him and He sends us to people

To love and to cherish God then to love others

To delight in His presence, calls us to love people


The gospel of truth is a gospel of love;

A God who loves us so much and calls us to love

To love Him above all and love others like us

It is the gospel of the cross of our Lord and Savior

To love God we must love His people


Now is this easy; to love and care for others?

To care for ungrateful souls, to love unlovable hearts?

Nay, it isn’t yet we must, just like He has loved us

And through His Spirit we can, by His grace we will;

To love Him with all our hearts and love His people


If you want to love God, try loving people

If you wish to share His Word; first love people

If you desire to do His will, go love people

Oh ye dear children, love one another

If you love God, so love others




This I told my heart



So we had a meeting, sort of a discussion

My heart and I; looking at the future

This we agreed; o ye heart; be cautious

Rest not on your own understanding

Delight not on your wisdom so I told my heart


Let not my judgement cloud your pretty mind

Be careful that in us crops no pride

That my heart, we cannot have

Above all, may the joy of salvation reign in us

His grace, o ye heart I tell you, in that only we boast


This ultimatum we make now o ye heart

That His will we will pursue now and always

His glory; that we must delight on

And if nothing else we do; honoring Him we seek

That my heart I tell you is the greatest good for us


This I told my heart



Here comes, the bridegroom of the church


Here he comes with a multitude of angels
He who breaks through the clouds in might,
Thunder and trumpets ring His music,
And the whole of creation serenades His coming
Here He comes, the bridegroom of the church
Where did these wounds thou get my Lord?
From whence did you get these scars dear Lord?
But yes I know, it was me to bear such
It was I deservedly to take the holy wrath
But here comes the groom, He that paid it all
Take me Lord away from this world
Let me abide forever with thee
In the house that ye have prepared for me
With them that went ahead of me
I can see the light, here I see Him come
Here He comes and will tarry no longer
In time, in His opportune time; He comes
Help me to live like a traveller ready to go
With my staff at hand and sandals on feet
Ready, as a bride waiting for her bridegroom