Whence will I tire?


Will there come a day that I tire of you Lord?
A day when my conviction will lay low
Whence my commitment to thy glory changes?
Such a day of regret I pray it will never be
And I know it won’t be for you will always be
It’s you Lord that lights the candle of service
You who draws men to embrace your love
To know of your mercies and justice
It is ye Lord that enables us to be servants
And so we cannot tire not unless you left us
What would I choose beyond dwelling in your house?
What can I buy of greater value than to be a son?
Serving you is serving the self and only that is worthy
Laying a life only to preserve it forever; no greater gain
Thank you for making me a labourer in your vineyard
And I will not tire; my tools I will hold on and work
Do all that which you enable me for your glory
Yes until there’s no more soul to reach
Until there’s not a heart to share of the Good news
Thence will I not tire and I pray you will not let me tire
Yes, not until I see the bright light of eternity
Not until the glorious moon of heaven serenades
Whence my Lord will reign in glory and wipe my sweat
Yes until that day, Lord do use me; here in your service I am
May I never tire of honoring my Lord

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