Only by Grace

Oh Lord, what do I present to you?
What will I give for this thy love?
What will I offer for you to please?
A sacrifice or offering; none is worthy
Only by your grace to you I come
The filthiness of my soul;
Not for you to behold
The deceitfulness of my heart;
Before thee I cannot stand
Yet by grace before you I bow
I should be counted among the outcasts
Before your sanctuary I shouldn’t be
Cast out the city gates where I belong
Yet you have clothed me and brought me home
By your grace to be with your son forever
What am I that this much you care?
Am I not just as small and worthless
Before your majesty Lord am I not nothing?
Yet as little as I be, me you value highly
And by your grace,  purchased me by blood
I am a child born by grace
Born into the kingdom of light
To proclaim your praises
To testify of your goodness
And by grace to share of His grace.
Yes, it’s only by grace

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